Staff Retirements and The Way Ahead

Fr. Chris Decker  Pastor

Fr. Chris Decker

Hello All,

As I mark one year of ministry among you as pastor (and a parishioner!) of the TriParishes, I give thanks to God for your witness, your desire to encounter Jesus, and the strong sense of family that exists here. My prayer is that our parish families will continue to grow together to make a suitable dwelling place for The Lord in our communities and our families.

As we move into the month of August, having nearly concluded our “End of Fiscal Year” reports to the diocese, we prepare to say goodbye to two of our St. Frances Cabrini staff members. Both Gloria D’Amico and Faye Fitzgerald are retiring from their administrative work at the parish office.

As you know, Gloria has been the trusty secretary and bookkeeper in our parishes for 8 ½ years (first at St. Joseph and then at St. Frances) and Faye has been the smiling assistant who has willingly helped with Mass Intentions and other tasks for nearly 25 years. Together, they have been an excellent team and have done well introducing me to life in Livonia and Fordoche.

I’m grateful for the work they have done and most importantly, their service to the Lord. It’s never easy to work for The Church, but it’s a testament to their desire to “serve and not be served” as Jesus reminds us is the hallmark of a disciple. (Cf. Mt. 20:20-28)

Thank you for serving our parishes! In their stead, we continue to work on streamlining the office work and ministry in our three parishes. To this end, you’ll notice a little change in the administrative structure on our masthead next week. Margie Spina, up until now the bookkeeper/secretary for St. Joseph, has accepted the position of Business Manager (bookkeeper) as a TriParish employee. Elsie Thompson, who has been the Director of Religious Education for St. Joseph and Immaculate Heart of Mary, will transition to be the Executive Secretary for the TriParishes, and Peggy Champagne will continue her position at St. Frances, but will also cover St. Joseph and Immaculate Heart of Mary as the TriParish Director of Religious Education & Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

Not only will this help to more efficiently manage our financial resources, but it is my hope that this will help us to begin to function more deeply as a family of parishes administratively and pastorally. I’m grateful for their flexibility and willingness to serve in these expanded capacities. As always, it is my hope to keep you the parishioners “in the know” as we continue to walk The Way together.

Pax Christi,